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Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's a jungle out there

Cookie has completed her first week with  Other than being alittle tired she is holding up well.  She is in the picking department where she goes to the shelves and picks the ordered items from a bin, puts it in a tote(basket) and then puts it on a conveyor belt to go to packing.  She has the opportunity to walk 15-23 miles a day.  The warehouse is one million square feet, 3 floors.  She can tell you the details better than I.

We have had VERY SEVERE weather the past 3 days and last week too.  Thunder, lightning, hail and heavy rain usually at night.  There have been tornado watches and warnings with every storm.  I have taken to driving Cookie to work every morning.  This morning it was foggy and I almost missed my turn.  We are fortunate in that the RV park we're at is well established.  At another park(which is newer) and closer to Amazon has been muddy and soft. They've had to pull a couple of rigs out of the mud already.   

I am doing well and quite content at sitting home on the computer. 

That's all that's happening in te jungle.