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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The race is over and what a great time we had.  We told stories of our summer travels and what we have planned for the future.  This race was very different for me because where I work the regular manager did not return so I assumed duties I was not fully comfortable with.  After 5 days and 78 hours it was a good time.  I had some new people to the racing world but everyone worked out fine.
My new golf cart was a 2011 Toyota Tundra with all the bells and whistles.  It was great.

The guy standing with the big grin is Jason, our boss.
This is Bill, one of my top drivers. As usual Cookie worked at the entrance for unreserved rv's.  Again as usual she wasn't busy.  For those that don't know Cookie works from 11 PM to 7 AM.  We didn't see much of each other that week. 

We are in our winter digs for the next few months making plans for 2011.