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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Well we've done it Again!

At the last minute we decided to go back south but for heading north.  Being that it is COOLER the farther north you go we went south to stay WARM for awhile.  We came back to Lemoore, CA and are staying at the Naval Air Station for a week before going back north to Paicines, CA.  Where is Paicines you ask; well it's nowhere really but we've been there before and it is very peaceful. 

The above picture is artichokes in bloom.  I grew these many years ago.  Being in CA got me thinking about them.  Before we left Morgan Hill we got more oranges, yellow squash, onions at a great deal and almonds.  Five pounds of almonds.  They make great traveling snacks.  I also made tuna salad, chicken salad and cream cheese with olives.  Cream cheese and olives was a holiday appetizer when I was growing up.  Another version is with pickles.  We would stuff celery stalks with the mixtures.  Later in life I catered a friends birthday party and used those items and they went over very well.