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Friday, April 8, 2011

What's up with this

Okay, I've seen some funny things since we started Our Adventure and this is right up there at the top.
I watched this turkey pecking at it's reflection on the bumper for 30 minutes.  Today we saw 10 full grown and baby turkeys in the field within the campgrounds boundaries.  They do a fair amount of gobbling too.  We sleep with the window open and I know it's day break when I hear them, I don't get up, but I know the dawn is coming.

More photo's from Badwater, Death Valley NP.  It is actually table salt with a few other ingredients but we tasted of it and it's salt.  The flats are 5 miles across and we were told that the water found here and there was not poison just salty.  The water comes from hundreds of miles away underground and comes up in the basin.  WOW!!!!