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Friday, July 8, 2011

Alaska, the land of NO night

Hello again!  I see it has been awhile since I posted.  Well y'all know the reason for that.  We've made it to Denali NP, we've seen Mt. McKinley(20,320 ft) and had a break down.  Luckily we had cell phone service and was repaired and on the road again in a matter of hours.  Yes, it took hours because we were in as one person put it PO-dunk land.  The closest mechanic was 105 miles away.  We have emergency road service so it didn't cost us a thing. 

This is the first commercial camp ground we've been in and we're packed in here like sardines in a can with no mustard.

It is now 2:23 AM on Friday July 8,  we have heavy clouds but it is still light enough to read by.  I have been unable to sleep.  How do people do it.  Along with all the light some idiot is playing music loudly.  I suspect it's somewhere other than the rv park. 
So long for now.