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Monday, July 11, 2011

Artic Circle

Yesterday we ventured to the Artic Circle.  What a trip, 418 miles round and 10 1/2 hours driving.  There was much wilderness and lots of pipe line.  We took lunch with us so all I had to buy was gas. 
Here Cookie is at the Artic Circle, 66 degrees 33 minutes north of the equator.  I don't remember the other coordinates.  It was really a great thrill to be that far north. 

This is where we bought gas, $5.40/gal.  All I needed was to top off so I could get to the Circle and back to Eielson AFB. 
We saw alot of the Alaska Pipe line.

Our car looks like we were 4 wheelin.  Most of the road north is unpaved.  Some in paved which was actually worse the the dirt.  It is watered, graded and packed constantly and then we had some rain to boot.  An 18 wheeler passed us going the opposite way and plastered more mud on us.  Our car is proud.
Today I tried to was it but the car was only took dollar coins and the change machine would not take my paper so it's still covered in mud. 

We stopped in JOY Alaska at a gift shop...

Very nice people.  The owner bought some of Cookie's pot holders to sell.

They have been there 30 years.  They run off a generator.