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Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's been awhile

Well indeed it has been awhile since my last blog.  We left Alaska early because I had to show in person this time to renew my drivers license.  We made 3200 miles in 6 days.  I was anticipating a long wait to renew but when I walked into the DPS in TX there was just 1 other person and 2 clerks.  15 mins and I was done. 

Our minds, not being right, we decided to venture even farther into TX and stay at some of our Thousand Trails preserves.  It is HOT and the first park we chose didn't have sufficient electricity.  It wasn't enough to run 1 ac unit.  It was nice there, along Lake Tawakoni nestled in oak trees.  We left after 1 day.  We went to Runaway Bay west of Fort Worth.  It was still hot but the electrical situation is much better.

We may stay in TX awhile.  We have friends in Boerne and San Antonio and Cookie's brother lives in SA with a new wife.  We haven't seen him since we went full time and have not met the new wife.

We've made a decision to stop working and just go from preserve to preserve.  We have taken steps to make this happen.  No more working for THE MAN.
   This is Mt. McKinley.  Look closely, to the left you can see the moon.  This picture was taken just before midnight.  We were north east of the mountain.  It was an awesome sight.  It stayed this light all night.
This picture was taken earlier in the day from Denali SP.  At this point we were the closest to the mountain at 43 miles.  The clouds make it more mysterious.

Cookie likes clouds.
What a place!!!!!!

These are sled dogs.  They are used to patrol the park in the winter.  We got a short demontration of what they could do.