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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Catching Up

I was just reading a blog from a fellow RV'er and realized I hadn't written in awhile.  Being back in the lower 48 has made me lazy and content. 

We have been in Texas now for over a month.  It took awhile but we've adjusted to the heat and found that if we're in the shade we can actually keep the inside tolerable.  With our up-dated camping membership we always have a place to stay with 50 amp service.  For those of you that do not RV, it allows us to run both ac units at the same time.  With temps in the 100's it was needed.  Although being in the trees sometimes means we do not get TV reception but that's okay fore our parks have lodges with TVs and such. 

I am sure you have heard the Texas is on fire and it's no lie.  Last count there were 190 fires ablaze across the state.  I read an article that said Texas has rented a DC-10 that is fitted to drop water or fire retardant.  The cost to the state is $45,000/day just to have the aircraft available and $12,000/flight hour.  That will put a hole in your budget.
The closest a fire has been to us was still 6 miles away.  It was put out before it reached town. 

I am sure everyone, that has a computer, at one time or another has gotten or has a virus.  That is why we have anti-virus protection on our machines.  But even the best that we can buy can't keep up with the attack.  I got one on mine and it won't let me do anything.  Well I took it in and was told that what I had done was the wrong thing to do and it let the virus onto my system.  Pesky little things.  Therefore it cost me to get it taken off and some better software put on.  Mean while since my system was over 3 years old I up graded to a new one.  The new system is faster, if my connection is good, and I have more memory all around.   It has a bigger screen than my old one which really helps my eyes.  On a side note Cookie got a tablet(free) and has ventured onto the wonderful world wide web.  Shae has had some good fun with it and we have decided that when we pick up the old system from the shop she will get that and begin exploring even more. 

 Cookie has been very busy making an afghan.  It has turnout to be very beautiful.  Upon it's completion I'll post a picture of it.  She had taken a short respite from the afghan to make me a small one with my drivers number on it.  NASCAR.  If I can get a good picture of the enterprise I'll see if I can talk her into put that on one. 

I still have a few programs to install so I think I'll end this and get to it.