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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A New Place

We've made it to Medina Lake, Texas.  We are about 20+ miles from San Antonio for the next couple of weeks.  It is still warm but no 100's.  The lake is very very low.  It is almost 50 feet low.  Six years ago when we visited here the water was to the edge of the camp ground.  It will take many years for this lake to recover.

Cookie finished the peacock afghan she was working on.  It turned out very nice.
She vows it is the only one she'll make. 

The camp ground we're in is full of deer, squirrels and turkeys.  The deer are smaller than the eastern white tail but beautiful just the same.
The guests buy bags of corn and feed the deer several times a day.  You should see them run when someone comes out of their rig.  They always thinks there's food involved.  There are plenty of buck, both with and without velvet.
Nice rack still in velvet.
On the trip down here we saw where the fire came up to the road last week.  It was about 4 miles from us by the way the crow flies.
It was something to see alright.
On a political note:
We went to see a friend of ours yesterday; Carolyn, and she has built a barn with living quarters in it.  Very nice and roomy.  She also has 2 donkeys.
Momma and baby and momma is pregnant again.
Everyone take care.