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Friday, October 14, 2011


Here we are in Tucson, AZ at Lazy Days RV.  We're getting some work done.  It is taking longer than I had anticipated because of the extended service people.  Finally today the adjustor arrived and looked at the items we're filling a claim against.  Hopefully by the end of the day we'll know what they'll pay for and what they won't.  I am thinking maybe Tuesday we'll get out of here.

Our stay in Texas was Hot but nice.  The last 3 weeks was more bearable.  We were at Medina Lake nw of San Antonio.  It was a nice perserve but the lake was extremely low.
 It was so low that cattle were grazing what was once covered by water.  It will take years to bring the lake levels up to normal in Texas.
We would feed the deer corn every day.  We had 8 & 9 point buck, doe and fawn.  They were really friendly.
Look at his front hooves.  They are overly long.
Cookie reunited with her brother and we met his new wife.
I forgot the ducks.  The day we left a group of ducks decided to rest infront of the motor home.  Cookie had to shoo them aside.
I found an old friend that I worked with in the meat market in San Antonio.  He has his own place now called Daddy Jim's in Kerrvile, Texas and his son runs Daddy Jim's II in Bandera Texas.  He's doing well and I wish him much success.

He'll do what ever you want.  He makes fresh sausage, dried meats and jerky and deer processing.
We're having a good time as always.