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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A review of the past year.

It's the beginning of a New Year, but what happened in 2013 that might be note worthy?  Hummmmm!

Well it was an uneventful year and rv-ing goes.  We tripped up the west coast again in search of cool weather and sunny skies.  We started in central California, then to Oregon and finally Washington.  We had more rain than in the past but it wasn't a problem for us. 

 It was the right time for rhododendron. 

We went to the Logger Days in Sedro-Wooley.
They had an absolutely wonderful museum.  It was free and staffed solely by volunteers.

The summer went on and on.  In September it started to rain more and was cooler than desired so we hopped over the Cascades to Quincy.  According to the sign at the Grant county line they are the biggest potato growers in the U.S.  I believe it now.  Also it was apple picking time and did they ever have the apples.  Eighteen wheelers bringing the apples and pears to the packing plants. 

 They Honey-Crisp apple was developed at the University of Minnesota.  They a expensive in the grocery store and in my opinion nothing special.  I also bought some red Bartlett Pears which I enjoyed very much. 
During the trip from west to east our refrigerator decided to quit and for good too.  We lost a lot and going out to eat was the only option.  I called Lazy Days RV in Tucson, had them order the refrigerator and made an appointment for service.  Another problem reared it's ugly head as we wandered toward Tucson.  I was losing electrical power while driving.  Three times it stalled; once while we were rolling on I-40 between Williams, AZ and Flagstaff, AZ. 

Did I mention it was snowing.  This was on October the 10th.  The only thing we were concerned about was the 18 miles of down grade into Camp Verde.  There was no incident.  We spent a few days in Cottonwood before our appointment in Tucson.  Those of you that don't know that area Camp Verde/Cottonwood is in a valley so to go to Tucson we had to climb out first.  We decided not to hook up the car to the rig.  Cookie followed me and I was sweating bullets the whole time.  During the 7 mile climb out of the valley the gauges and indicator lights were going hay wire.  I constantly watched for a place to ditch if need be.  Once on the down hill side I stopped and we hooked up the car and proceeded without incident. 

Our stay at Lazy Days would stretch over 6 days, 2 of which were the weekend.  The refrigerator was the easier part of our repair needs, although very expensive.  The electrical repair was different.  Thought to be repaired we were about to pull out when the gremlin appeared.  Back to the bay and a couple more days with calls to the manufacturer the problem was located and destroyed.  Loose and rusty ground wire under the engine was the culprit.  After all that we thought we spent a lot but later in talking to a friend with an rv told me he had to replace his engine.  Mine wasn't quite as expensive as once considered. 

We worked the Nascar race again and that's pretty much it. 

Beautiful sunsets.


Palm Springs, where we were for Christmas and New Years.  We hope everyone has had a wonderful time this past year and we hope for you good health and fortune for this new year.