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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another Race under our belts

We have had a wonderful time AGAIN!  There were a few new people but everyone did a good job.  When dealing with different personalities not everything will go right.  Again certain people were allowed to continue working after screwing up in a big way.  I won't go into details but they are "friends and relatives" of the manager and he will not take appropriate action.  One of these days I'm just going to quit but until then I just hope that their miss queues will cost the boss his job. 

We or I should say I contracted something at the race so we went to Gila Bend to recover before going to Tucson and RV service.  I am not totally well but much better than I was. 

This is day 2 at Lazy Days for a few minor items.  Day 1 was un-productive in getting anything done.  Who-ever is doing their scheduling should be re-assigned.  But in their defense I have requested one specific technician and I will wait for him.

Reading blogs has now become entertainment for me.  I am astonished at what people will write about.  So many continually complain about what they don't have.  Are they looking for someone to help them?  Are they unwilling to work for what they don't have or are they creating a life style of "poor me" to get sympathy from others?  I believe the latter is occurring.  Come on people quit "BITCHING" and get a job!  There are plenty of part-time and even seasonal employment other there, you HAVE to want to make your situation better.  What you want isn't just going to appear at your feet you have to reach out for it.

Our travels are taking us west again this year.  We have now left Tucson and are bunking in in Palm Springs for a few days.  It's March and those of you that know Cookie know she has to have her basketball.  Shortly after our arrival there was a dust storm.

You can't tell by the pictures but the palm trees were swaying back and forth like spines on a sea urchin.  This is a wonderful park but a bit of a tight fit.  We arrived late afternoon and there were only back-in spaces left.  Getting in is easier than getting out so experience pays off in this situation.

It was 379 miles from Tucson to Palm Springs and with a refuel stop it took 6-1/2 hours through some of the most boring terrain in the world. 
This was a picture from the race, look at the cloud at mountain level.